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Newsletter - April 2011

Welcome to the April Edition of our Newsletter. And what an action packed month we have for you this month. This April you can play new games, collect new bonuses and look forward some fantastic Easter Specials.

Also keep an eye out in your email this April for our next big promotion. Following the end of the Bingo World Championship 2011 we have another new big promotion coming up that you don't want to miss.

CashGrade & Neteller

CashGrade & Neteller This April we are giving you more cash than ever. For every deposit you make with CashGrade or Neteller we'll give you a free $10 Bonus. That's an extra $10 on top of any other promotions we are running just for making a deposit.

This Bonus is only available for a limited time so make your deposit now to ensure you are maximising your spending power. You will also get this Bonus while it is active for every deposit you make, so the more deposits you make the more bonuses you can claim.

Mandarin Slot Game

Mandarin Slot Game
Have you tried our exciting new slot games yet? Recently introduced you can now play our Mandarin 3 Reel and Mandarin 9 Reel Slot games, each with 5 win lines available and 5 Progressive Jackpots up for grabs.

Additional features include; 3 x Samurai in the game screen to activate 5, 10 or 25 FREE SPINS and 3 x Ying and Yang in the game screen to activate the Chinese Wheel Bonus Game. This is a great addition to our already superb line up of slot games, so try it today and you could be the winner of one of the 5 Progressive Jackpots available.

Cash Climber

Cash Climber This game is anything but an up hill climb!! Playing daily at 2pm to 3pm and 9pm to 10pm EST, with Jackpots starting at $25 and growing by $25 every game until it's won. The balls to JP also increasing by 1 each game! This is a MUST GO Guaranteed Jackpot so just watch it grow and grow until its won.

And while your there we'll give you the chance to win our Progressive Jackpot. Sashamoon did just that and won the Party Hall Quarters Progressive Jackpot of $1,292.05 on March 8th!

Bingo World Championship 2011

Bingo World Championship 2011
The BWC 2011 has finally reached its conclusion and we just like to say a big congratulations to 'nines' who came out on top after months of qualifying and can now call herself the Bingo World Champion 2011.

It was a hard fought contest with many players vying for the prestige of being the Bingo World Champion and not to mention the $8,000 up for grabs. We will look back on a successful campaign in 2011 but look forward to the next instalment in 2012. Will you be the next Bingo World Champion?

350% First Deposit Bonus

350% First Deposit Bonus
Have you made your first deposit yet? If not then are you in for a treat!! Our First Deposit Bonus is a massive 350%. If you have already made your first deposit then why not recommend us to a friend or family member.

Not only will they be able to take advantage of the 350% First Deposit Bonus but we will also give you 50% of their first deposit too. It's a win win situation for you both.

75% Reload Bonus

75% Reload Bonus
We are giving every player, for every deposit they make a 75% Reload Bonus. Simply make a deposit of $10 or above and you will be rewarded every single time with a 75% Bonus.

And with all our other bonuses this month you will have plenty of free money to win any one of our Progressive Jackpots.

March Winners

A special congratulation goes out to our many lucky winners in March. Here is a summary just some of the big winners:

Big Winnersnines won $4,800 playing the BWC Grand Final on March 26th!

raskie won the Midday Mayhem Jackpot of $1,500.00 on March 21st!

Eliz1955 won $500.00 playing 3 in 1 Nickels on March 18th!

Sashamoon won the Quarters Progressive Jackpot of $1,292.05 on March 8th!

MOMO REAL won $564.75 playing Coins of Rome on March 2nd!

Bigdaddybuck won $600.00 playing Pull Tabs Pets on March 2nd!

You could be the next lucky winner, but remember you have to be in it to win it. So buy your cards today and be our next Progressive Jackpot winner.

Monthly Tournament Winners - March

Top Bingo Players by Bingo Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. daisyday1_pr 100
2. Y NOT ME 90
3. REDSKINS 74 80
4. chriscan 70
5. luvbeagles 60
6. BrookieTrip 50
7. Cittrine 40
8. Bigdaddybuck 30
9. bingolover_pr 20
10. Joneses  10

Top Slots Players by Slot Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. dogmaster 100
2. dingaling 90
3. raskie 80
4. franklynnan 70
5. Bigdaddybuck 60
6. daisyday1_pr 50
7. doright 40
8. downtownpattybrown 30
9. logansnana 20
10. shall729  10

First Deposit Bonus
All other deposits receive:

75% Reload Bonus

For all future deposits over $10 you will receive a 75% Reload Bonus on every deposit you make.

Remember, there's a minimum deposit of $10 to receive any bonus!!


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