Premier Bingo Newsletter
Jackpot Alert!

Life can only get better with these two Progressive Jackpots that keep on growing with every passing minute.

The Main Hall Progressive Jackpot currently stands at $1,546.55 and the Nickels Hall Progressive Jackpot is right behind with a cool $1,474.44.

Will you be our next big winner? Play now for your chance to win big!

Also make sure you check out our new Cash and Chat schedule that includes time changes for some of our games, including Cash Climber moving to 10pm-11pm EST, the return of Franklin’s Fortune with huge $100 pots as well as more KENO from Monday through Thursday.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

Franklin's Fortune
Franklin's FortuneLooking for some fortune? Come along everyday for your chance to play $100 games with a $2,500 JP playing on 25c cards from 9pm - 10pm EST.
Cash Climber
Cash ClimberJackpot starts at $25 and grows by $25 until its won! Balls to JP also increase by 1 each game! This is a MUST GO Guaranteed Jackpot!!! Just watch it grow and grow until its won. If not won within the hour it rolls over to its next playing slot. Cash Climber plays daily from 1pm-2pm EST and from 10pm-11pm EST.
3 IN 1 SPEEDAn amazing THREE JACKPOTS in each game! With the last JP in the game being a Progressive JP starting at $1000. 3 in 1 Speed plays daily from 4am-5am EST, 4pm-5pm EST and 11pm-12mid EST.
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KENO - New!!!
KENOPick 8 numbers between 1 - 75. If all 8 numbers you picked are called within the first 20 calls, you win 64 BBs! Plays during the KENO blackout pattern, Monday - Thursday from 9pm-12am EST.

Match 4 - 4BBs
Match 5 - 8BBs
Match 6 - 16BBs
Match 7 - 32BBs
Match all 8 - 64BBs
WOOHOO WOW! Just pick one number between 1 - 75 and watch for it to be called in the game! Call 'WooHoo' when you see your number out! The first three players to see their number called and type 'WooHoo' win 2BBs! If you are lucky enough to have your ball called as first ball out in the game, type WooHoo for 5BBs! Remember - SPELLING COUNTS!
My Connections
My Connections Each player chooses a number. The first 2 players whose numbers connect with 2 others to form a "Connect 3" ( horizontal, diagonal or vertical) yell out 'Connect + (number)' to win 3BBs each! ie: For N35 -connect N33, N34, N35 or I19, N35, G51 etc.