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Bingo Jackpot:   16th to 23rd August

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter

Our congratulations this week go to opppps who won $1,500.00 Playing Pull Tabs F1 on the 14th August and we also congratulate iforget_mq who won $630.00 playing Bank Heist on the 9th August!

Just a reminder that our fantastic Cruise Miles Competition now has just 15 days to go before we announce the lucky winner!

There is still time to get your name to the top of the list. Here is just a small reminder of what you win for getting to 1st Place.

This year’s cruise will take place in November 2007, and you have this fantastic itinerary to look forward to…

The itinerary includes stops at five ports along the way, first stop is San Juan, the vibrant capital of Puerto Rico. Then it is on to St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Isles after St Thomas you have some time to relax in Antigua and recharge. Tortola, our 4th port-of-call, is a part of the British Virgin Islands and with your final stop being Nassau, the heart and soul of the Bahamas.

As a Bingo Entertainment Ltd winner, you will be treated to a unique and fun-packed experience, which will create memories and friends to last a lifetime.

Have you had a look at our great Chat Specials? We have Chat Specials that run day and night. With great favourites BINGO ORDER, BINGO BLACKJACK and Tic Tac Toe to name just a few of our Chat Specials. With our card prices from only 5c why not try your luck?

Card Prices..
7am - 9am 5c
9am - 11am 10c
11am - 5pm 25c
5pm - 6pm 10c
6pm - 7pm 5c
7pm - 12am 25c
12am - 7am 10c

$10 on all games

Fantastic prizes for you.....Go give them a try!

Click here for full details.

Good Luck!

Double your bingo
Cruise Miles Tournament
Cruise Miles TournamentThe 19th Annual World Championship Bingo Tournament and Gaming Cruise is to take place from the 10th to 18th November 2007.

For this year we are thrilled to announce that one lucky player from the Bingo Entertainment Network will get to go on the Cruise for the experience of a lifetime.

On 1st May we launched our Cruise Miles Competition that will last until 31st August 2007. At the end of the competition, the player with the most Cruise Miles and their guest go on the Cruise!

The package will include the cabin, plus return airfare for the winner and their guest, plus many more surprises on board!

So how do you collect Cruise Miles? It's simple! Every credit wagered will equal 1 Cruise Mile. At the end of the competition the player with the most Cruise Miles collected, will be the winner!

1. iforget_mq
2. mawmawof3_pr
3. ksl418
4. trudy_bm
5. babykota
7. Joneses
8. opppps
10. Grammy2001

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Play your favourite game of bingo and you could win fantastic bonuses this month!

The top 3 players by most games won between 1st to 31st August will win as follows..

1st: 100 BBs!
2nd: 75 BBs!
3rd: 50 BBs!

1. mobay_bm
2. RETD_ms
3. babykota
4. i wantnewdress
5. ColorMeRed_bm
6. mawmawof3_pr
7. maddiebug
9. myluckybat
10. Pkme_em

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Spin those slots as much as you can this month and we'll reward you with fantastic bonuses!

The top three players by most spins between 1st to 31st August will win as follows:

1st: 100 BBs!
2nd: 75 BBs!
3rd: 50 BBs!

2. iforget_mq
3. Joneses
4. renofairy
5. debbi_bm
6. gracee32
7. breena33
8. CritterLover
10. alioops

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This week try 4pm - 5pm HOPSCOTCH

HOPSCOTCHThe CC will use the first 3 numbers called to 'hop' through the players in chat list, those players landed on will receive 2 BBs each!

We have amazing cash specials every day!

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Bingo Hall of Fame
Bingo & slots jackpot winners, tournament winners and lifetime bingo players get the recognition they deserve by having a special place in our prestigious Bingo Hall of Fame!

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If you do, please send us your suggestions by clicking here
and don't forget to let us know how you want us to name the pattern! Good Luck All!
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this weeks big winners!

iforget_mq won $630.00 playing Bank Heist on the 9th August!

mawmawof3_pr won $300.00 playing Keno on the 9th August!

TacomaLiz won $625.00 playing Bank Heist on the 10th August!

TacomaLiz won $520.00 playing Bank Heist on the 10th August!

widada22 won €306.00 playing 5 reel on the 10th August!

gracielooloo won $500.00 playing Bank Heist on the 11th August!

READYTOWIN won $600.00 playing PullTabs Gamble on the 13th August!

opppps won $1,500 .00 playing PullTabs Gamble on the 14th August!

jmom22 won $600.00 playing PullTabs F1 on the 14th August!

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JP Winners Club Circle

gracee32 won $2,437.11 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on the 4th August!

babykota won $500.00 on Wild Ball Coverall the 7th August!

TheeLadyInRed won $1,591.61 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on the 20th July!

MeeMawMargy1 won $1,400.06 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on the 14th July!

Zeeness won $1,046.85 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on the 9th July!

You could be next!

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