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May Madness!!

We're kicking off the month of May with a fantastic Deposit Bonus Special!!

From May 1st through May 7th, all existing online bingo players will receive the following:

All deposits of $50 or more will be rewarded with a 100% Deposit Bonus.*
All deposits of $20 to $49 will be rewarded with a 50% Deposit Bonus.

As always, new players receive a 100% Deposit Bonus on any deposit over $20.

* The total bonuses to be gained from this offer are unlimited and we will match your bonus up to $500 every time.

This Month's Big Winners

Congratulations go out to three Big Jackpot winners this month!

On Saturday 4th April, "jo_bingo_bm" from the USA won the 75 Ball Progressive Jackpot for $1,199.61!

On Monday 20th April, "Ausar98" from the USA won the 3-in-1 Progressive Jackpot for $1,080.33!

On Tuesday 28th April, "tina2302" from the USA won the 3-in-1 Speed Progressive Jackpot for $1,037.23

Next month we could be congratulating you so join the fun today! Good luck in the bingo rooms!

Let's Celebrate

On Sunday 10th of May we'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day! Watch your mail to find out what's in store for you on this very special day!

Also, later this month we'll be celebrating Memorial Day on Monday 25th of May. Be sure to check back later in the month for more details!

All New Cash Specials
Bingo Specials Half Price Bingo
Quarter games have never been more fun. Playing half the price on 12cent cards daily from 2pm-3pm EST, there is a minimum $20 Prize and with the Quarters Progressive Jackpot up for grabs.
Bingo Specials Lucky Number 3
This brand new game has everything to do with number 3. Playing on 3cent cards, it has a $33 prize and a $333 Jackpot. Play 3-333 cards daily from 3pm-4pm EST.
Bingo Specials KENO Blackout
Join us every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm - 12midnight EST where Blackouts will be playing every half an hour with $50 pots & $500JP on 25c cards!

All other deposits receive:

Over $300 100% BONUS

$150-$299 75% BONUS

$20-$149 50% BONUS

Remember, there's a minimum deposit of $20 to receive any bonus!!

Bonus Terms

Progressive Jackpots

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90 Ball Hall

Nickel Hall

3, 4, 5 Reel Slots

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Cash Specials
$500 Must Go Games
You could be a big winner this weekend with these fantastic $500 games. They play in our 75 Ball Hall every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30pm EST with a guaranteed $500 to the winner. Will you be next?

Cash Climber
This Must Go Guaranteed Jackpot can crown the next big winner. The jackpot starts at $25 and grows by $25 until it's won. Join us in the 75 Ball Hall for this game everyday from 10pm-11pm EST.

Franklin's Fortunes
Looking for some fortune? Come along everyday for your chance to play $100 games with a $2,500 JP playing on 25c cards from 9pm - 10pm EST.

Daily Delights
These games are a true Delight! For every card you buy, you get one free!  Play 3 – 300 cards for 5c each from 6pm - 7pm EST for $30 pots & $1,500 JP.

Big Winners
Winner Date Country Game Winnings
gus girl 2/4/2009 USA Bingo $6,405.52
beeeer  2/4/2009 USA KENO $500.00
jo_bingo_bm  4/4/2009 USA Bingo $1,199.61
Sculpty45  4/4/2009 Canada Slots $506.00 CAD
cherlazz    12/4/2009 Canada Bingo $613.65 CAD
Cilla_pr  12/4/2009 USA Slots $501.00
boozer  16/4/2009 USA KENO $500.00
HUNNI  19/4/2009 UK Bingo £169.02
Ausar98  20/4/2009 USA Bingo $1,080.33
Libertybelle  23/4/2009 USA Bingo $500.00
yankee  23/4/2009 USA Bingo $500.00
tina2302  28/4/2009 USA Bingo $1,037.23

Play your favorite games and you could win fantastic bonuses every month!

If your game is bingo, we are rewarding our top 10 players by most Games Played,
where you can win up to 100 BBs every month.

The players by Most Games Won are rewarded with up to 300 BBs every month.

If you are a Slots fan the top 10 players by Most Spins can win up to 100 BBs.

Bingo Tournaments - April 2009 Winners
Top Bingo Players by Games Played Top Bingo Players by Games Won Top Slots Players by Spins

No Nickname Games Played
1. juanita_bm 21793
2. scoot 11645
3. Y NOT ME 10207
4. gryl08 9837
5. wvahoney1 9042
6. rabbitt_ms 8181
7. mobay1 6820
8. cherlazz 6064
9. suebeez 5921
10. mgangelluv12 5795

No Nickname Games won
1. juanita_bm 1773
2. scoot 1634
3. HUNNI 1214
4. mobay1 1161
5. populus 1059
6. kimmyt 837
7. stunn1968 773
8. kiebe1 739
9. cherlazz 650
10. Shaylene 599

No Nickname Spin n
1. SouthernRose_bm 21014
2. ThankGod4Bingo 18897
3. Sculpty45 14535
4. fiveblackcats 14475
5. Teerrie 14471
6. gus girl 11531
7. mobay1 11255
8. VirginiaReal 10306
9. Atta Girl 10286
10. kj2000_g 9068

Bonus Bank Exchange
Exchange your Bonus Bank dollars into gifts or playable bonuses!

$50 in Bonus Bank = a mug or a mouse pad     |    $500 in Bonus Bank = a $20 playable bonus
$1000 in Bonus Bank = a $40 playable bonus   |    $1500 in Bonus Bank = a $60 playable bonus
$2000 in Bonus Bank = a $80 playable bonus   |    Exchanges can be done only once per month.

For example if you have $3,000 in your bonus bank, the maximum amount that can be exchanged in one month is $2,000 and the remaining $1,000 can be exchanged the following month.
Make sure your exchange requests are sent on the 15th of each month to and your gift will be sent by mail or your playable bonus will be credited to your account as soon as possible.
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