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    October 2007

Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter

Credit Card Deposits
We are pleased to announce that all our players are now able to make a deposit to their online bingo accounts using a Credit Card! You can find all our safe and secure deposit options by visiting the Cashiers page.   

We congratulate our winner teach22 from Joshua, TX who won a $1,861.54 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on the 30th of September.

We would also like to congratulate Mopar54 from BC Kamloops, BC who won $500.00 playing PowerBall Blackout on the 29th of September.

Fantastic Deposit Offer!
We are pleased to announce that when you make a deposit using ewallet Xpress you will receive an additional 10% bonus on top of your normal deposit bonus.  It is so easy  to use, if you  don’t  have an account just  follow this link follow the easy instructions and create a new account, make a deposit to your Bingo account and we will add the extra bonus!! This offer is available on  all your ewallet  Xpress deposits.

New October Specials
We have some great new specials to celebrate October's big events! On Monday the 8th October we have not one but two specials for you.

Columbus Day
Columbus Day is a celebration of heritage. Columbus Day was introduced as a U.S. national holiday during the 1850s, San Francisco has the oldest Columbus Day celebration, having commemorated it there since 1869.


Canadian Thanksgiving
Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Canadians give thanks for a successful harvest. The harvest season falls earlier in Canada compared to the United States due to the simple fact that Canada is further north. The year 1578 is considered the first Canadian Thanksgiving

To help you celebrate the Halloween holiday we have a great excuse to stay indoors and eat all that candy! We will be celebrating Halloween on the 31st October. Later in the month you will receive an email with full details of the Halloween Special.

Cash Specials
As you are enjoyed the PowerBall Bingo so much in September, we have extended its run for one more month! PowerBall will now run until the 31st October.

Competition Standings
To keep up to date with the current standings for our competitions, visit the news section on our website. We will update the latest standing in both our competitions, Spin-n-Win and Frequent Player. This page will be updated weekly and the winners will be announced in the monthly newsletter.


Frequent Players Competition

Top 3 players by most games won between 1st to 30th September

1st mobay_bm
2nd RETD49
3rd behaviorist

Spin-n-Win Competition

Top 3 players by most spins between 1st to 30th September

1st MeIncognito
3rd ladydiver76

Go Play Now!

Play your favourite game of bingo and you could win fantastic bonuses this month!

The top 3 players by most games won between 1st to 31st October will win as follows..

1st: 100 BBs! 2nd: 75 BBs! 3rd: 50 BBs!

Standings at 15th October 2007

1st RETD49
2nd mobay_bm
3rd behaviorist
4th bender2004
5th aj122763
6th dare2win1
7th ducky1720
8th ksl418
9th NeedsJPforVegas
10th Lambchop_ms

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If you love playing the Slots then you’ll be pleased to know you can also win fantastic bonuses!

The top 3 players by most spins between 1st to 31st October will win as follows...

1st: 100 BBs! 2nd: 75 BBs! 3rd: 50 BBs!

Standings at 15th October 2007

1st ladydiver76
2nd onlydian
3rd wendigary
4th dare2win1
5th fluckylooker
6th JOEY_bm
7th GramaLynn
8th Joneses
9th goofed
10th Zeeness

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Bonus Bank Exchange!

Now you can exchange your Bonus Bank dollars into gifts or playable bonuses!

The way it works is that you can exchange your bonuses on the 15th of each month for gifts or playable bonuses as follows:

$50 in Bonus Bank = a mug or a mouse pad
$500 in Bonus Bank = a $20 playable bonus
$1000 in Bonus Bank = a $40 playable bonus
$1500 in Bonus Bank = a $60 playable bonus
$2000 in Bonus Bank = a $80 playable bonus

Exchanges can be done only once per month.
For example if you have $3,000 in your bonus bank, the maximum amount that can be exchanged in one month is $2,000 and the remaining $1,000 can be exchanged the following month.

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Bingo Hall of Fame
Bingo & slots jackpot winners, tournament winners and lifetime bingo players get the recognition they deserve by having a special place in our prestigious Bingo Hall of Fame!

Check out who's made it to the Bingo Hall of Fame
You could be our next addition!
Here at Premier Bingo we would love to hear from you. Do you have a pattern to suggest? Do you want to dedicate a pattern to someone special?

If you do, please send us your suggestions by clicking here
and don't forget to let us know how you want us to name the pattern! Good Luck All!
Refer your friends
Invite your friends and family to win BIG at Premier Bingo using our special invitation card! To send your friends an invitation to play at Premier Bingo just click here:
Don't forget that every time you refer somebody, you get 50% of their first deposit over $20!

For more information on Premier Bingo Bonus Terms and Conditions, please click here:
What do players want?
Premier Bingo would like to hear what you have to say!

So if you have any comments or any suggestions, please drop us a line at:

Your opinion counts!
Premier's Photo Gallery
Premier's brand new photo gallery is now live!

If you want to be part of the gallery with your roomies please send us your photo to:
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Cash Corner

Cash Corner

Payment Options


To view all safe and secure payment methods available to you - please click on the link...

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Pre buy your cards!

You can use the pre-buy option to make sure that your cards are purchased beforehand. Then all you need to do is log on when you're ready to see how much you have won!

JP Winners Club Circle

teach22 won $1,861.54 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on 30th September!

FlushedAhwy won $1,627.01 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on 20th September!

gatorlater54_ms won $2,671.93 Progressive Bingo Jackpot on 13th September!

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90 Ball Bingo



Until the 31st October, every day from 1pm to 6pm EDT, Every 30 minutes on 25c cards. Win a bingo on the Power ball number for that day, and DOUBLE your prize money!! Does not apply to jackpot wins.
Click here for the Daily Power Ball Numbers.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride! Join us from Mondays - Thursdays, where from 6pm - 10pm EDT we will have Wild Ball Coveralls playing every 30 minutes with
$50 pots and a $500JP!

BLACKOUT Fun in the dark with our Blackouts. Join us Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm - 10pm EDT where Blackouts will play every half an hour with
$50 pots & $500JP on 25c cards!

TODAYS Jackpots

Why not try your luck today? You could be the next jackpot winner...

90 Ball Hall
75 Ball Hall

Imperial  Bingo 5 Reel Slots

3, 4, 5 Reel Slots

Premier Bingo 5 Reel Slots

Bank Heist

Our 3,4,5 Reel & Bank Heist Slots all share the same JP, the more you play the more you contribute to the pot thus the more you get if you hit the JP!

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