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We are proud to introduce two new Slot Games for you to enjoy.


As the name would suggest, this new slot game is sure to get your emotions running. And only for the better. This game will not only roll in your normal wins, but it will also multiply those wins x2, x3, x5 and a massive x10. With these numbers even a small win can be multiplied in to something huge!!

Space Lotto

If you fancy having an alien encounter then why not suit up and blast off with this new slot game. You can play for as little as 1c and the sky is the limit as far as the Progressive Jackpot goes. The bonus game will also offer up some surprises, so play online bingo today and see what the planets have to offer you.
New Slot Side Games New Slot Side Games
In addition to this ALL side games will now open within the game window so you do not need to have two windows open and can still keep a close eye on your Bingo tickets. If you prefer the full screen you can still select the option to have the side games open in a separate window.
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